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Selling your business

Prepare properly in advance of going to market and you dramatically increase the chance of a deal (and a decent price).
Prepare up to date accounts (sell at or soon after year end).
Tidy up leases, contracts, legal (major cause of due diligence problems).
Settle litigation, employee disputes.
Push cash flow to bottom line (reduce personal expenses).
Reduce owner dependence and increase management responsibilities.

List your business for sale on our website for just £100, we do not charge commission, you negotiate directly with buyer!!

Respond asap to buyer enquiries (they have a lot of opportunities to choose from) with an emailed copy of your headline profile.

Within your response, request information about their motivations;
Why do they want to buy your business?
Where are they based and how long have they been looking?
What are their current circumstances and any experience in your sector?
How will they fund a purchase?

Be ready for a negotiation & to close a business sale.
What is a good price and/or deal?

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