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How To Sell Your Optician Practice

Thinking about to selling your optical practice? You have come to the right place, We are UK’s leading optical practice sale business. We have helped numerous other practice owners like yourself sell their businesses and get them the right price.

In this article you will find a brief introduction about selling your optical practice and in the last paragraph we have outlined the steps you need to take for us to sell your business on your behalf.

When selling a optical practice, the key considerations for sellers are to achieve the asking price, exit quickly and cleanly and keep professional costs down. In order to achieve this, it is vital that sellers are well prepared with compliant and complete documentation. Our experience has shown that very often the same issues crop up resulting in delays, additional costs and opportunities for buyers to re negotiate prices and request retentions. To increase your chances for a smooth process we advise you to plan ahead.

We will charge £100 to list your practice for sale on our website, and then its 2.5% commission on the sale value.

In an asset sale, you sell your optician practice, including its equipment, stock, NHS contract, property and goodwill. This will involve a change of ownership application. In a share sale, you sell the shares in the company which operates the optician. No change of ownership application is needed but the buyer takes on all the assets and liabilities of the company. If the business is owned by a limited company, it is likely to be more tax efficient to sell the shares in the company, rather than the business as a going concern. Your tax and legal advisers can work with you from the outset to ensure your sale is structured to meet your tax position.

Once you have accepted an offer, it is sensible to agree a short “heads of terms” document with the buyer. This will help set expectations for the timescale and structure of the sale and will cover price, financial structure, timescales, confidentiality of your information and whether you are willing to offer an exclusivity period.

We have a full article on Head of Terms and you can read it by CLICKING HERE

Here at WeSellAnyBiz we are experts at selling Optical Practices, we are the leading Optical Practice Sale specialists in United Kingdom. We can help sell your business quickly and at the cheapest rates and most importantly get you the right price that you want. The process to sell your Optical Practice is very simple and straight forward, please complete the steps below and one of our Optical Practice Sale experts will be in touch with you.

If you are looking to sell your practice, follow the steps below and one of our Optical Practice expert will be in touch with you

STEP 1: Use our Free Valuation to see how much your business is worth, you can do so by CLICKING HERE

STEP 2: Pay the £100 + VAT by card for us to take your business on and list it for sale via us, you can do this via our website and by selecting the Standard Sales Plan by CLICKING HERE

STEP 3: Fill this simple form so we can set up your ad right away, you can also upload 4 images (Front outside, reception area, display area and consulting room) by CLICKING HERE

STEP 4: Read and sign our contract online by CLICKING HERE

STEP 5: Fill in practice information section to be presented to interested parties by CLICKING HERE

Once all this is done you will get a call from us to discuss further.

However we understand in some instances you may wish to speak to a sales specialist before completing the above steps, you can call us on 02037332315

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