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How to Digital Market your business

In today’s ever evolving world of business, it is of paramount importance that your business is set up for digital marketing. The old ways of marketing through leaflets and local newspaper adds are a thing of the past, not to mention the costs are extremely high and the results are minimal.

The digital age has been here for some time now, and its here to stay. If you already haven’t adapted then you must do so now otherwise your customers will slowly dribble away.

In this article we will be looking at best practice for digital marketing which has a proven track record with many businesses.

Awesome Website

A business without a website is the ultimate crime, it doesn’t have to be an expensive eCommerce website but it must be very nice looking website advertising your services to your existing and potential new customers. Remember a website can make you look like a multinational business. And in this day and age, image is everything. So make sure it looks slick.

A recent study of behaviour of customer shopping for this decade suggests the customers check a business website before making the visit to the store physically. Obviously the website would have to Search Engine Optimised so when a customer Googles for a certain product in a certain area then you must come at the top of the search results.

There are number of website development companies out there you can use to set up an amazing looking website for a very reasonable cost, if you not sure, give us a shout and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the one of the most powerful marketing tools to sell your products or services and keep a direct contact with your customers. Gone are the days of door to door leaflet marketing or sending expensive marketing materials via post.

This is the age of Email marketing, hit your target audience with full precision, and give them exactly what they are looking for. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are, you must advertise your products and services using email marketing.


When to send out Email Marketing Campaigns?

Once a week is a good number to send out a email campaign promoting your business and products. The campaign can include information, special offers, flash sales, new launch products and services. Use striking images and minimal text to have maximum impact.

Note: Make sure you have approval from your customers to be able to send them emails, they are now strict data protection laws which prohibit you from sending out mass emails unless your audience have opted in. Also you must be careful with the structure of the email as email providing companies can detect your email as spam and blacklist your domain. We will write a best practice piece for sending email campaigns very soon, which will cover the do’s and dont’s for email marketing.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is simple, fast and gets results by improving customer service and increasing business. Its a simple way to communicate and engage with customers old and new.

As mobile devices continue to develop and we become more and more reliant on them for both our work and social lives; it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure you have SMS Marketing included in your digital marketing.


When to use SMS Marketing?

SMS marking provides instant impact for your customers to be aware of any flash sales, promotions or general information. Best time to use SMS marketing is if you are launching new products or service. During a quiet business time to generate some sales. You can also use SMS marketing to send Discount Codes to customers to arouse their interest to make a purchase. For example Domino’s Pizza always send discount code at the most quietest time of their trade.

Social Media Marketing

There are number of social media platforms out there, the usual and the most popular ones being Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. It is important that you have as many of these set up for your business. It is the best, cheapest and the fastest way to engage with old and potential new customers. A recent study in latest shopping habits of customers found that nearly all customers check a business’s Social Media platform before visiting or placing any orders with them.


What to post on Social Media Platforms?

Post images of your products and your business, its important for your customers to see and engage with your business. We would post on all platforms the same information each time. You can use third party providers where you only need to post at once place and all your social media platforms are updated simultaneously. We will write a separate piece on best practice for Social Media in a separate blog, so do look our for that one shortly.


When to post?

We recommend to post minimum of 3 times a day on all your platforms. If you don’t have time to do 3, then the minimum is one a day, do not go a day without adding a post as this can have a negative effect, as most customers would look out for the latest post before they decide to make a purchase from you.


A blog is a very personal connection between you and your customers, its best to blog as a individual rather then a business. This way you engage with your customers on a personal level. You can show them that you know what you are talking about and you are the best in Business. You can win there trust thus winning there custom in return.


When and what to blog?

From our personal experience its best to write a blog once every week. Your blog should be setup within your website. Then you should publish it on all your Social Media platforms for your customers to read. Share with your customers your thoughts, knowledge and what is happening within your business. Talk about your service and products you can offer and any future plans within your business.

YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are a must in digital marketing, you must have your own YouTube channel and must promote yourself and your business via small promotional videos. This is even more personal way to interact with your customers. In the video you should can speak yourself, or use text and catchy inspiring music to entice your customers to your business.


Conclusion on Digital Marketing…

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog on digital marketing for your business. And you can use this piece to set up your business for optimum performance with using the latest digital trends. If you are already not doing what we have discussed in this blog then you must do so immediately. You could be losing customers daily basis without realising it.

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