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How To Advertise Your Franchise With Us

Are you thinking about advertising your franchise business via us? But not sure how to begin, in this guide we help you explain step by step how we can set up your ad on our website.

Whatever industry you are in, be it Food, Tech, Retail, Media, Automotive, Aviation, Estate Agency or anything else, you can advertise it on our website and reach out to potential franchisees through out United Kingdom right away.

We are UK’s leading business sales platform. Visitors on our website are actively seeking new exciting franchising opportunities.

Its simple to advertise your franchise with us, all we need from you is the following information and we will have your ad up and running within few hours:

Full name

Full business name

Full business address

Company reg & VAT number

Telephone number

Business logo

Business website URL (If you have)

Asking price for your franchise

Available locations

4 HD images of your business

Video presentation of your business (If you have, especially explaining the benefits of your franchise business to potential buyers)

Brief introduction about your current business. For example what industry you are in, how long its been trading, you current location and any relevant information

Brief paragraph on success of other franchises you have previously offered for this business (not required if this will be first time you are offering a franchise)

Brief paragraph on the package you are offering and how will the interested buyer will benefit from taking on your franchise. Including earing potential

Will you be providing training, if so please explain how?

You can fill out all this information online via clicking this link

If you wish to speak to us before creating the ad please call us on 02037332315.

Once we have all the information we will create a draft advert and present it to you for approval, once you approve it will be visible on our website for visitors to see and you can start to receive enquires right away.

You can see an example of a ad we created for one of our other customers selling their franchise via us by clicking here.

See our Frequently Asked Questions on advertising your business with us

Why should I advertise my business with you?
We are UK’s leading sales platform and our website is visited by 1000s of visitors each day looking for new exciting opportunities like yours.

How will I create my advert?
We will create the advert for you on your behalf.

Who will see my advert?
Our website is visited by 1000s of visitors each day. We also advertise on google ads and various social media platform and email marketing. Your ad will be seen by 1000s of potential franchisees everyday.

How much will you charge for the advert?
Currently we have a special offer, advertise your franchise with us for free for 3 months, you can cancel at anytime. If you wish to continue after you can then pay us a fee to continue to use our services.

To see our advertising plans, you can click here.

Do you get involved in selling & negotiating process?
No we do not, you deal directly with interested franchisees.

Its my first time into offering a franchise for my business, can you guide me?
Unfortunately no, as we are just a advertising platform similar to Auto Trader but instead of selling cars we sell all types of businesses and franchises. Franchising requires detail and meticulous planning. You should do your own research into franchising before thinking about advertising with us. However we do have number of articles on businesses and franchising which may be some useful, you can see those by clicking here.

Can you negotiate on behalf of us?
Unfortunately no. We do not get involved in any negotiations with buyers or sellers.

What are the risks involved in franchising?
There are many risks in franchising as its in any business, we recommend you carry out due diligence on any possible negotiations you maybe entering into with other parties.

We do not take any responsibility of any form which many result in a loss to a buyer or seller of a business or a franchise. You can read our full terms and conditions on use of our website by clicking here.

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