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4 things you must do before starting any business

What do all entrepreneurs and successful people have in common? Alot of them have many traits in common, we look at 4 key points that any budding inspiring entrepreneur should do while commencing on their business journey.

1. Dream, dream big, dream wildly, dream things out of this world

Everything starts with dreams, without dreams nothing is possible, day dream and dream the night away, this is the start of all beginnings, dreams is what will keep you going through the tough times, dream to motivate and inspire yourself. Without this nothing is possible.

2. Analyse, Learn and Admire

When you walk around in shopping malls handing your hard earn cash in a beautiful fancy looking store, analyse the product, analyse the service, analyse the concept analyse the brand, absorb it all, learn how they conduct business and above all admire the success. This is where your ideas will form and take shape so one day people will hand you over there hard earned cash while you sit on Miami beach smoking a fat cigar with nice drink in your hand. But this is the point you will know which line of business you want to get into.

3. Planning and Analysis

Now that you have your dreams and vision, next step is to create the road map of how you are going to get to your final destination. Careful planning and analysis of your new business is very important, this is where we can work out the costs, profits, marketing costs, estimate yearly turnovers etc. By doing this simple plan you will be able to see what is involved and what needs to be done and how you are going to do it. Don’t forget to do market research on demand of the product or the service plus the existing players in the market.

4. Make it happen

It’s all well and good to dream, analyse, learn, admire and plan but without you actually get up from your backside nothing is possible. You must use the momentum of your dreams to put your plan to action and make it happen. Go on get up and do it, what are you waiting for? Time is now!!

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